3 Ways Herbs Support Your Health


Our herbal supplements contain the plant constituents your body needs and are 100% free of gluten, wheat, dairy, lactose and artificial flavors. Used throughout history, herbs have been used to benefit the body, mind and soul.  Here are 3 ways herbs support your health:

1. Antioxidant Support:

Antioxidants help to fight cell-damaging free radicals and play a role in maintaining good health.* Our Saw Palmetto and Turmeric herbal formulas contain antioxidant properties to support your overall health and wellness.*

2. Immune Support:

Taking care of your own body and supporting a healthy immune system is one of the best things you can do for your overall health and wellness.* Some of our herbal supplements, such as Echinacea contain key nutrients that have traditionally been used to help support a healthy immune system.*

3. Stress & Relaxation Support: 

Promoting relaxation and quality rest is a part of your overall health and wellness. Sundown®‘ Valerian Root herbal formula contains ingredients traditionally used to help you get the tranquil rest you deserve.* Discover your inner spirit of tranquility with St. John’s Wort to help support a positive mood and healthy emotional balance.*