6 Signs You’re Under Too Much Stress

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  • dateFebruary 2, 2021
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Key Takeaways

  • Stress may be linked to hair loss, jaw tension, digestive issues, memory loss and more.
  • Exercise, yoga, meditation and social support can alleviate stress.
  • Taking vitamins is a great way to support your body during times of stress and support a healthy mood.*

A hectic schedule and daily juggling acts can run anyone ragged. While stress can be good for you in healthy doses, chronic stress can leave you with classic signs of burnout: aches and pains, moodiness, low energy and poor self-esteem.

In addition to these red flags, your body may be firing SOS flares in other ways.

Here are 6 lesser-known symptoms of stress:

1. Jaw Tension

Jaw feeling a little sore? All that tooth clenching may be the culprit behind your jaw tension. Straining your jaw muscles and putting too much pressure on your jaw joint can lead to facial discomfort and even headaches!1

2. Digestive Issues

Before you resort to popping more antacids, you should know that stress may be the reason you’re experiencing stomach pain, gas, bloating and/or acid reflux! There are MILLIONS of nerves that connect your gut to your brain along the “gut-brain axis”. That means when your brain is upset, your gut may follow suit.2

3. Short Term Memory Problems

Forgot why you walked into a room? Stress hormones prevent your body from going through its normal stages of memory processing3. Stress hogs up your brain’s energy and prevents you from remembering the small things in life, like where you put your wallet.

4. Hair Loss

There’s a reason people say, “I’m ready to pull my hair out” when they’re upset. Stress and anxiety may lead to hair loss. Stress might push your hair follicles into a “resting phase”, causing hair to fall out more easily4. Stress can also cause trichotillomania, a psychology condition characterized by hair-pulling when one is faced with stress.4

Luckily, B-vitamins can help support your body during times of stress!* Sundown® B-complex contains 6 B vitamins that support energy production and helps you maintain a healthy mood*.

5. Off-Balance Immune System

Stressed individuals’ immune cells don’t work as well as they should.5 Spikes in cortisol (a major stress hormone) diminishes your body’s defenses.

Fortunately, there is a solution to support your immune system* – Vitamin C! Get your daily dose of this essential nutrient with easy Sundown® Vitamin C tabletstime-release capsules or yummy gummies!

6. Difficulty Sleeping

Did you know? Work stress and insomnia are directly linked?7

Your circadian rhythm is your body’s way of regulating your sleep-wake cycle. Stress disrupts this vital rhythm and may lead to difficulty falling asleep.

Looking for alternatives to counting sheep? Try these supplements:

  • Melatonin is your body’s natural sleep hormone, and helps you drift off at bedtime. Trouble falling asleep? Try our delicious Melatonin gummies today to help you catch some Zzzs*!
  • Valerian Root is an herb that helps your body relax before bedtime without chemical aids*. Over the past 2000 years, it has been used for occasional sleeplessness*. Try Sundown® True Tranquility Valerian Root and get more tranquil rest now.

Reading about stress got you stressed out? Here are 3 easy ways to kick stress to the curb.

1. Get Your Blood Pumpin’

Light exercise, yoga and meditation can lower cortisol 8,9,10, your body’s main stress hormone. Lower cortisol levels improve sleep, confidence and can support overall good health 8,9*. So whether it’s striking a downward dog pose or walking your dog, getting your blood pumping is a quick and easy way to relieve stress.

2. Pencil in some (virtual) get togethers

Social isolation and loneliness are often associated with poor health outcomes.11 Strong social support is proven to alleviate stress11. Whether it’s video chats with friends and family, taking some new classes or volunteering for a local cause, social activities are excellent stress-busters!

3. Take vitamins to support a healthy mood!*

Vitamins are an often overlooked method of supporting your body during times of stress. Good nutrition provides the strong foundation your body needs to properly function. Sundown® supplements deliver the essential nutrients your body needs in times of stress to better support your overall health.*

Here are some recommended supplements to support a healthy mood:

  • Magnesium doesn’t just maintain healthy bones and muscles*! Try Sundown® Magnesium today to support a calm, relaxed mood and good nerve health*. Magnesium alleviates occasional stress*. It also supports over 300+ chemical reactions in your body, making it one of the most important mineral supplements*.
  • St. John’s Wort has been used for centuries in Europe to promote healthy emotional balance*. Try Sundown Feeling Positive St. John’s Wort capsules to support a positive mood and a calm and relaxed mental state*.
  • Taking a Vitamin B12 or B-Complex supplement helps you maintain a healthy nervous system*. A strong nervous system can better combat stress and its side effects. Try Sundown® Vitamin B12 gummies today for an easy and fun way to get your daily dose of Vitamin B12 and also get energy support*!

Sometimes, stress sneaks up on us. While there is no magic formula for banishing stress, being aware of the symptoms and taking steps to manage it can help you stay healthy. Regular yoga and exercise, good social support systems and a healthy diet (supplemented with vitamins) can help you beat stress the natural way.

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