Craft the Perfect DIY Father’s Day Gift Basket


With Father’s Day right around the corner, there’s no better time to start thinking about what to get dad for his special day. Sometimes it’s the simplest ideas make the best gifts, especially when they’re personalized with some thought and care. And what’s more personal than a Father’s Day gift basket filled with all the things he loves?

We have great gift basket ideas that are unique and easy to assemble that will be sure to surprise and thrill dad. Here are some of our favorite ideas for DIY gift baskets for men to get you started. 

The Health Nut

If health and fitness is dad’s passion, there are plenty of Father’s Day basket ideas to fill this theme. He’ll love a new water bottle, a fitness magazine, and some healthy snacks. Gym towels, fitness trackers, and men’s supplements like Sundown® Saw Palmetto or L-Arginine can help him fuel his busy day.* Throw in a new t-shirt and a pair of earbuds, and dad will be all set!

The Golfer

Dads who love hitting the golf course will love a Father’s Day basket brimming with golf balls, tees, gloves, and apparel. A new collared shirt, a hat to keep the sun out of his eyes, gloves to help him perfect his grip, and a gift card to his favorite course will let him know how tee-rrific he is.

Dads Who Deserve a Little R&R

Rest and relaxation are something every dad deserves, so why not pamper him on Father’s Day with a few things meant only for his downtime? A comfy pair of slippers, a bottle of his favorite beer or wine, and something to nosh on (like candy, chips, or nuts) is always appreciated. A DVD of a classic movie he doesn’t have, or a CD by his favorite band to listen to as he unwinds will further encourage him to take some time for himself. Seal the deal with a scented candle he can light as he relaxes – a manly scented candle, of course.

The Grill Master

If dad is truly at home when he’s manning the grill, then start your hunt for unique spice rubs, grilling baskets meant for veggies and delicate seafood, and a funny apron to protect his clothes while he cooks up something delicious for the family. A new set of grilling tools – a brush, spatula, and tongs – will make this Father’s Day his best yet.

The Fisherman

Dads who love to cast a line will appreciate a bucket or cooler filled with some brand new fish hooks, a scale for weighing and measuring his fresh catches, and some fun flies to take with him out on the water. You can also add some sunscreen, a hat and a pair of sunglasses so he can protect his face and head while he’s out in the sun reeling in his catches.

We hope these Father’s Day basket ideas get you off to a good start as you strive to put together the perfect gift for dad. And remember, it’s not about how much money you spend – we bet he’ll love anything you decide to give him, especially if it’s a gift from the heart.