Enjoy Your Holiday Season to the Fullest

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  • dateDecember 3, 2019
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The holidays are a time of celebration and indulgence. Dishes that only make an appearance once a year suddenly become available, and while you want to enjoy yourself, you may be worried about maintaining digestive health.

Digestive supplements can play an important role in helping you feel your best when taken on a daily basis.* Taking care of your digestive tract throughout the year is not only important for healthy digestion, but for overall health, as well.* If you’re wondering how to help support healthy digestion in the long term, Sundown® has something for everyone*:

Probiotic Gummies – Pineapple, Raspberry & Orange Flavors

A delicious way to take probiotics which provides friendly bacteria for the digestive system and also Vitamin D3 for healthy immune system support.*  Over 2 billion live cultures per serving.**

Fiber Gummies with Vitamin D3

These gummies contain fiber to support your gastrointestinal system, along with Vitamin D3 for immune system support.* Enjoy a variety of flavors including orange, cherry, grape, apple, lemon and strawberry.

Enjoying the people you’re with makes it harder to overdo it on holiday goodies, so make an extra effort to put the focus on your companions this holiday season. Supporting your digestion and overall wellness daily with a digestive supplement can help you feel your best every day.* Avoid foods that may be hard to digest when and where you can, and remember…everything in moderation!

**At time of manufacture.