Everyday Habits You Can Adopt to Live Healthier


Wondering how to start being healthy? Make proper nutrition a priority every day! 

At Sundown®, we believe a healthy lifestyle is definitely worth celebrating. It’s always a good time to focus on the importance of making educated food choices, and developing healthy habits for nutrition and exercise. That goes for kids and adults!

Here are some healthy lifestyle tips you and your family can adopt:

1. Breakfast is known as the most important meal of the day, but even so, lots of people skip it completely. Whether you don’t have time in the morning because you’re rushing around, or you’re simply not hungry, try starting the day (and your metabolism!) off right by eating even a piece of fruit or a protein-rich yogurt. The foods you choose can make a difference! 

2. Fuel up before you exercise with plenty of water and maybe even a pre-workout snack, depending on how vigorous your physical activity will be. You want to make sure your body has the energy and strength it needs to make the most of any sweat session.

3. Sit down to as many meals as you can, together – as a family. This practice is sometimes impossible, but making time to dine together often will help you and your kids make better, healthier choices. Preparing a nutritious and delicious meal allows you to set a healthy example, and kids who see their parents eating well-rounded meals packed with nutrition will be more likely to do the same.

4. Taking vitamins is a healthy habit that often starts in childhood, because even the best eaters may not be getting enough of certain vitamins and nutrients from foods alone. Our Sundown® and Sundown® Kids vitamins and supplements are a convenient way to supplement your diet and support health and wellness.* Best of all, we have delicious, gluten-free gummy vitamins for kids AND adults!

5. Treat yourself to foods you love every so often. Ever hear of the 80/20 rule? The idea is to make healthy choices 80 percent of the time, and save the other 20 percent for once in a while treats and splurges. Attempting to be too strict with your diet can lead to boredom, and ultimately, overdoing it to compensate for deprivation. Eating healthfully is all about moderation!