Gluten-Free Lunch Ideas For When You’re On The Go

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  • dateOctober 4, 2020
  • time3 min read

Whether you’re packing your lunch to take with you to work, school, or on a picnic, you may feel like your gluten-free options are somewhat limited. But we’ve found that there are plenty of gluten-free lunch ideas that will make your midday meal a satisfying one!

Adhering to a healthy schedule becomes much more manageable when you’re organized with grocery shopping and meal planning. Of all the healthy habits you can adopt, bringing your lunch from home is perhaps one of the most important. Not only will you save money on expensive lunches out, but putting your own meal together allows you to control exactly what’s in it – which is a big deal when you’re sticking to a gluten-free diet. Here are some of our favorite healthy lunch ideas, sans gluten:

1. Tuna Salad & Chicken Salad 

Enjoy these lunchtime staples on gluten-free bread or rolled up in a gluten-free wrap. They’re also great over greens and other vegetables.

2. Sliced Meats

Turkey, roast beef, and ham are all delicious as rollups, shredded across a bed of lettuce, and stuffed in sandwiches and wraps.

3. Green Salads

Lettuce, spinach, and arugula piled high with crisp cucumbers, fresh tomatoes, onion slices, chickpeas, and crunchy walnuts make for a satisfying and super healthy lunch.

4. Quinoa Salads

The grain-like seeds of quinoa are versatile, and can be enjoyed in warm and cold dishes, combined with chicken, seafood, and meat; and fresh fruits and vegetables pair wonderfully with it.

5. Burgers

Don’t discount burgers of all kinds – beef, turkey, chicken, and vegetarian options like black bean and quinoa burgers. Enjoy your burger with your choice of cheese, plenty of fresh onions and tomato, and your condiments of choice in a lettuce wrap.

And here are some gluten-free meal prep ideas, to make life easier:

1. Hard-boil several eggs at once. 

You’ll have them on hand and ready to go throughout the week. Enjoy them for breakfast, chopped up in salads, and in egg salad made with Greek yogurt and avocado.

2. Slice and chop all your fresh fruits and vegetables in advance.

Having them prepped and ready will make you much more likely to add them to your meals.

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And remember, the better you plan out your lunches at home, the healthier choices you will make. With a little time and effort, you’ll begin consistently packing lunches that will give you the strength and nourishment you need to fuel your day!