Have questions about Non-GMO? We’ve got the answers!


Q: What are GMOs?

A: Genetically modified organisms can be plants, animals, or other organisms that are created in a lab using genetic modification and engineering techniques. In other words, their DNA is altered.

Q: Why are GMOs controversial?

A: Scientists, along with consumer and environmental groups, have mixed opinions on genetic modification technology because it creates combinations of genes that do not occur in nature. This could potentially result in the formation of allergens that have never previously existed. The long-term effects of GMOs are unknown and impossible to predict. Alternatively, growing genetically modified crops increases yield by increasing the resistance to drought and disease and accelerating growth. Often the resulting crop has increased nutrients and better taste.

Q: What does Non-GMO mean?

A: Non-GMO means non-genetically modified organisms. If a product is labeled as non-GMO, you can trust that the DNA of the organisms has never been altered.

There are two standards of non-GMO classifications. They are:

Non-GMO/IP: The “IP” stands for “Identity Preserved,” meaning that certain ingredients could come from crops of GM concern (i.e. corn, soy, cotton, canola, sugar beets, alfalfa, papaya, etc.). However, they are sourced using an Identity Preserved program, which ensures they are from a conventional, non-GMO source.

Inherently Non-GMO: Products in this category are NOT derived from crops of GM concern. All ingredients are free from both genetically modified DNA and the proteins derived from genetically modified DNA. The final product is considered to be non-GMO and is not subject to GMO labeling.

Q: Which classification of Non-GMO do Sundown® Naturals products fall under?

A: Sundown® Naturals products are both inherently Non-GMO and Non-GMO IP. Our raw materials are entirely free of GMOs, which results in supplements you can feel good about. We are deeply committed to making sure our entire product line is, and always stays completely Non-GMO.^