Probiotics 101


By Maile Combs, Senior Nutritionist Scientist

When it comes to healthy digestion, various foods are helpful, however; using a supplement like Sundown® Probiotic Gummies is important to ensure you get your daily dose of beneficial bacteria.* Available in pineapple, orange and raspberry flavors, our Probiotic Gummies are a great way to get the probiotic support you need every day.*

We talked to Maile about probiotic health and its importance.

Q: What are probiotics and why are they important?

A: The human microbiome is a collection of microorganisms that live with us in a symbiotic relationship, meaning that both the human host and the microbiome benefit.* They aren’t just innocent bystanders looking for a place to live,  but are integral to the overall functioning of the human body.* Probiotics can provide health and wellness benefits by helping to balance the GI microbiota and contributing to its functions.*

Q:Why are friendly bacteria important for the digestive system?

A: The GI microbiota interacts with both human and bacterial cells, impacting the function of the GI tract.*

Q: What is the Unique IS-2™ strain and why is it unique?

A: Unique IS-2™ is a fully characterized strain isolated from human microbiota. This special probiotic strain is naturally found in the intestinal microflora, and surrounds itself with protective layers to increase its viability – many typical probiotic bacteria do not have these protective layers.

Q: How much probiotic you should be taking daily?

A: Each product is unique in the strain(s) and health benefits offered and should be taken according to the labeled directions.

Sundown® Probiotic Gummies are a great way to ensure you’re receiving friendly bacteria each day.* Our gummies also feature over two billion active, live cultures per serving at time of manufacture. Try them now!