Simple Ways to Help the Environment

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  • dateJune 24, 2020
  • time2 min read

April 22 is Earth Day! Each year, we honor our planet by doing our part to protect the environment. Earth Day was established in 1970, and today it’s celebrated by hundreds of countries worldwide. It’s become an important day – millions of people are committed to helping our awesome planet flourish for generations to come.

You may be wondering what you can do to make an impact this Earth Day, and how to help the environment. We at Sundown® are always looking for ways to help our environment, so it’s our pleasure to share a few simple ideas on ways to help the earth:

Save, reuse, and recycle

Think about all the glass and plastic containers you and your family go through, and where applicable, clean out these containers and save them for a future use. Some ideas include household organization, and craft projects – you may know this practice as upcycling. If you don’t plan to save and reuse your containers, remember to delegate them to the recycling bin!

Turn the lights off

It’s something you were likely taught as a child, and it remains just as true today – when you leave a room, turn the lights off! The amount of energy you use correlates directly to the health of the environment. The less power you consume, the fewer toxic fumes will be released by power plants – which helps conserve the earth’s natural resources and protect ecosystems. Bonus: you’ll save money on your electric bill! 

Nurture your garden

Whether you tend to vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers or plants, going outside and getting your hands dirty can have multiple benefits. (Those who prefer their hands clean can grab a trusty pair of gardening gloves!) Plants reduce pollution by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the air, and giving off oxygen via photosynthesis. Since humans need oxygen to survive, the more healthy plants there are, the better! Gardening also happens to be a relaxing hobby, and if you’re cultivating fruits, vegetables and/or herbs, it may save you a few trips to the grocery store!

Get the whole family involved this Earth Day. These are just a few ways to help the environment – there are countless more! Kids will be eager to learn about ways to help. Here’s wishing you and your family a Happy Earth Day!