Why Is Blue Light a Concern for Eye Health?


We know to shield our eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, but we should really be doing the same when it comes to blue light.

Blue light is a high-energy light that’s part of the visible spectrum, and it may also be damaging for our eyes. Blue light comes from digital devices like smartphones, tablets, computers and televisions. Energy efficient LED and Compact Fluorescent lights are also sources of blue light, and their prevalence will only continue to grow. In fact, by 2020, 90% of all indoor light sources are estimated to be LED/CFL.

What’s the concern about blue light?

High-energy blue light penetrates deep into the macula – the region of the eye responsible for its important role in healthy vision– which may promote the production of free radicals. Blue light exposure affects people of all ages, especially when you consider the fact that digital lifestyles are on the rise: adults spend 9.5 hours a day in front of media screens, on average. Plus, 88% of American adults have a smart phone, 57% have a laptop, 19% use e-book readers, and 19% have a tablet computer.1

Fortunately, you can help protect your eyes from blue light and support healthy vision by getting enough carotenoids like Lutein and Zeaxanthin in your diet – and our iShield provides both of these nutrients, and more.* 

Vision Guard® iShield: A Commitment to Healthy Eyes

Sundown® Vision Guard® iShield acts like a pair of inner sunglasses for your macula – it “shields” and helps filter out damaging blue light and improve eye health when using digital devices.* iShield contains the clinically studied ingredient Lutemax® 2020, which is a naturally derived marigold extract that provides three macular carotenoids: Lutein, RS Zeaxanthin, and RR Zeaxanthin.  These carotenoids naturally filter out high-energy blue light.* 

Taking one iShield softgel a day on a consistent basis can help maintain a healthy vision  for people of all ages.* The body is not able to produce Lutein or Zeaxanthin on its own, which makes obtaining the recommended amounts either through foods or supplements especially important.

Taking care of your eyes now will help your vision stay healthy for years to come.  Get the nutritional support you need to support one of your most valuable assets with iShield!*